I’ve been using Übersicht on my desktop lately to keep track of our team’s git repositories. Below is a widget to display recent commits to your selected git repository. The widget allows you to select the branch of your project to display the log from (e.g. in case your team normally commit to a ‘dev’ branch before master).

Ubersicht Git Log


  • Configure any git repository on your local machine and specify the branch to display.
  • Displays project name and commit history including: commit message, timestamp, branch info, author info, and hash.
  • Widget is positioned initially on screen (configurable), and then can be moved to desired position by pressing Übersicht interaction key and then clicking and dragging widget.
  • Color indicators for recent commits.


  1. Download and install Übersicht (or download from GitHub)
  2. Set your repository’s local folder on line 2.
    Example: /Users/username/Development/project-folder
  3. Set the number of commits to show on line 5.
    Example: 5
  4. Set the refresh frequency on line 8.
    You can specify refreshFrequency in milliseconds, or as a string, like 2 days, 1d, 10h, 2.5 hrs, 2h, 1m, or 5s
  5. Configure the Project Variables starting on line 13:
branch The git branch of the project to show the log from master
title Project’s title to display at the top of the widget Project Name
id CSS id to use to wrap the widget element project-name
width Width of widget, in pixels 300px
Initial screen position variables
position Position the widget from top or bottom edge of screen top or bottom
align Position the widget from left or right edge of screen left or right
initial_x Pixels horizontal away from the screen align variable 10px
initial_y Pixels vertical away from the screen position variable 10px