Since summer began, our evenings have been serenaded by the never-ending hum of hundreds (if not thousands) of cicadas. We have several very large trees at the house that appear to be filled with the little critters. Looking around the outside of the house earlier this evening, I noticed an astonishing number of empty cicada shells.

After a couple weeks of trying other code editors, I've decided to primarily use the feature-packed Sublime Text 3. One of the biggest advantages in Sublime Text (to name one feature out of the hundreds included) is the ability to install custom Packages that allow for an intense level of customization and functionality.

If you're like me and use multiple computers throughout the week - I use a MacBook and PC at work and an iMac and MacBook at home - it becomes increasingly important to have your standard development setup available on all computers. I have always used Dropbox to sync files, photos, and basically everything else between all of my devices, but being able to sync settings and configurations with Dropbox is an added bonus! In this post I'll explain how to set up Dropbox to sync your Sublime Text settings and packages across all of your computers.

TrafficTracker is a simple PHP class to track a website's traffic and then log to a database by parsing cookies and custom URL parameters. The class utilizes cookies set by the typical Google Analytics tracking code initialization. In addition, if you deploy Google AdWords PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your website, the class will (along with custom URL parameters added to your destination URLs) track the hits from your AdWords campaigns.

I recently returned from a week-long vacation to Clearwater Beach, Florida. I had a great time filled with sun, drinks, amazing food (surprisingly), and perfect weather.

ShortTail is an elegant, easy-to-use YOURLS client that talks to your server through an integrated API to shorten web links using your branded domain.

Perfect Pullquotes is a Wordpress theme plugin that allows you to easily add beautifully styled left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquotes to your active Wordpress theme. The plugin includes a custom 'Pullquote' menu button for the TinyMCE Editor as well as a custom shortcode.

Over the past couple of months I have been starting to mockup a decent number of user interface designs for other developers on my team at Kindred. Once a design is semi-finalized, the developers typically start the coding process by building out assets (page components, CSS, etc.) that they then use to structure the website or application.

I've decided to redesign my personal website (hey look, you're already here!) since beginning my new career at Kindred Healthcare. My site has had many looks over the years, but this current format gives me greater flexibility and serves more purpose.

In addition to serving as my online resume of sorts, this new design will serve as a venue to showcase some of my past and present design and development projects as well as photography projects I have completed.