Software Engineer & UX Designer
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I design and build beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces and experiences based on business strategies and the needs of the user.


UX Designer

User-Centered Design

Efficient and attractive user-centered designs that increase adoption and loyalty utilizing modern design concepts.


Software, Web, & App

Utilizing my skills in UX, UI, and graphic design to develop feature-rich applications that solve complex client requirements.

UI Designer

Effective & Efficient

Intuitive, delightful, and compelling solutions built on foundations of business and user needs.

Graphic Artist

Concepts to Solutions

Attractive, innovative, and functional designs created for every stage, from prototyping to final product.

About Me

In my childhood, I designed spaceships with crayons and construction paper. As an adolescent, superheroes came alive with colored pencils and a sketchpad. As I have gotten older, I have since transitioned to graphics, photographs, and application designs using pixels on a computer screen. My childhood passions have blossomed into a career that I love and I welcome the opportunity to expand on the knowledge I have gained thus far.

Good designers have a keen eye for fixing things that are broken, unique backgrounds and experiences, and are responsible for how products look, feel, and behave.

Great designers are first and foremost curious about the world around them, constantly striving to fill the gap between poor design and usability. Great designers draw upon their observations of the world around them and then improve design standards as advocates for the user.

Whether observing human behavior, a poorly thought-out design, or creating a new idea altogether, a great designer must understand the context of the problem and produce a solution that is clean, concise, and beautiful.

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    My goal is to make things people desire - things they will see, interact with, and love, knowing it was created down to the last pixel for them to enjoy.

  • 2018 - Present
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    Humana Senior Software Engineer

  • 2017 - 2018
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    PriceWeber Full-Stack Web Developer & UX Designer

    Full-stack web development, including total front-end and back-end solutions utilizing HTML5, CSS, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JavaScript (and JavaScript frameworks, including Vue.js), Laravel, WordPress, Craft CMS, and other technologies.

    I work with account managers, designers, data analysts, and other developers to ensure client-specific needs are met, including determining the optimal solution for the client, laying out workflows/paths in the application, all while adhering to project milestones and timelines. I train clients on application usage prior to launch. I take part in independent continued education to stay current with upcoming web standards and new technologies. I mentor junior developers, sharing industry knowledge and best-practices.

  • 2014 - 2017
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    Kindred Healthcare UX Designer & Developer

    Applied user-centered design practices to create intuitive, delightful, and compelling user experiences within proprietary healthcare applications. Assisted in all stages of application development, from conception through development to testing and optimization. Successfully communicated design ideas and concepts to internal development and business teams.

    Developed, refined, and communicated user experience solution models through storyboarding, wireframes, visualization, and rapid prototyping. Used modern database technologies, platforms, and trends to provide the best solutions for both existing and new applications, all while working with confidential information in the healthcare space.

  • 2012 - 2014
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    WireCrafters Developer & Marketing Strategist

    Designed and developed multiple web, mobile, iOS, and data/information solutions (internal and external) for the WireCrafters brand. Created systems and processes for data collection, increasing conversion rates and interaction by more than 250%. Developed and analyzed reporting activities such as trends in behavior, user interaction, conversion rates, and target segmentations, then designed and implemented enhancements and new solutions based on data.

    Created and coordinated digital strategies and overall marketing infrastructure, content priorities, digital advertising opportunities, and user interface designs and processes while co-managing a six-figure budget. Worked with other core team members in managing the launch of new company-wide software deployments.

  • 2007 - 2012
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    Contracts Developer & UI/UX Designer

    Creatively addressed clients' digital needs by developing websites, advertisements, data-collection processes, and mobile strategies while managing a small team of developers.

  • 2010 - 2011
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    Amatrol, Inc. Developer

    Developed web (front-end) and server (back-end) educational programs and modules while meticulously revising and improving code and content. Produced graphics and animations for use in online industrial education courses and coded them into production. Collaborated with others to complete complex and diverse projects in a time-sensitive atmosphere.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Indiana University

My career to this point has been a combination of purpose and thoughtful planning, and in order to continue to succeed and advance in my field, a concrete educational background encompassing the knowledge needed to navigate the business world is key.

Bachelor of Science in Business

Indiana University

My undergraduate degree from Indiana University blends my design background with marketing, advertising, and brand awareness that has helped me make significant strides towards achieving my overall career goals.

I have applied this education to my graduate work and in conquering even greater challenges with the help of fully developed managerial, marketing, and operational skills attained during the program.